Mythology Agency is the exclusive representative of New-York based Black metal iconoclasts Woe who were among the pioneers of modern confrontational black metal that eschews corpse paint and redefines the notion of what it means to be a serious black metal band. Since 2007, Woe has been making waves in the black metal underground, amassing a dedicated following and solifying their status as a prominent force in the genre. At the precipice of the chaos, destruction, and hopelessness is multi-instrumentalist Chris Grigg, an unholy riff machine, who is, if you weren’t already aware, clearly a talent not to ignore. For over a decade, Woe have made, and continue to make, a powerful impact in the underground black metal scene, attracting loyal fans and earning well-deserved acclaim. In a world filled with shallow imitations and fleeting trends, Woe’s music shines with unparalleled intensity and genuine authenticity.