Mythology Agency Welcomes WODE!

Wode formed in Manchester, England in 2010 with a sound combining black, death and doom metal with the hooks of classic heavy metal. After a self-titled debut on Broken Limbs/Vendetta, the band moved to Avantgarde Music for Servant of the Countercosmos before signing with 20 Buck Spin for 2021’s “Burn in Many Mirrors”.

Live, the band delivers its standalone brand of darkness with utmost ferocity and commitment—earning them a formidable reputation in the UK and across Europe. Currently closing in on album number four, also with 20 Buck Spin, Wode is poised to break new ground both artistically and geographically as their worldwide audience grows.

Mark Lewis, founder of Mythology Agency, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration “Underground connoisseurs such as ourselves have long revered WODE for their rich amalgamation of metal subgenres, combining the darkest aspects of black, death, and doom metal into a unique sonic entity. With hooks that hark back to classic metal, we believe that WODE stands poised to captivate a broader audience than ever before and can’t wait to be part of their journey.”

Keep an eye out for upcoming festival and tour announcements as we write this next chapter alongside WODE—connect with us on Twitter, Instagram, and our website for the most recent updates.

Agent: Jake Gill