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An ever-evolving musical phenomenon, Ulver was founded in 1993 in Oslo, Norway.

The band was formed by vocalist Kristoffer Rygg, along with Grellmund, Robin Malmberg, Carl-Michael Eide, Håvard Jørgensen, and A. Reza. Initially regarded as a black metal band, Ulver has since become known for their diverse range of genres and experimental style.

Throughout their career, Ulver has undergone numerous musical changes, making it difficult to categorise their sound.

The band’s name, Ulver, translates to “wolves” in Norwegian, which reflects their ability to navigate between different musical realms. As they continued to evolve, Ulver delved into various styles, including electronic, ambient, synthpop, and dark ambient. Their discography demonstrates a willingness to experiment and push boundaries, resulting in an ever-evolving sonic landscape.

Despite their diverse musical exploration, Ulver has maintained a consistent level of artistic integrity and quality throughout their career. Their ability to seamlessly merge different genres and influences while maintaining a distinct identity sets them apart from the rest of the pack. From their origins in black metal to their highly acclaimed forays into electronic, ambient, and experimental sounds, Ulver’s evolution has been marked by constant reinvention and a commitment to artistic exploration.

Managing Agent: Mark Lewis