Mythology Agency is proud to represent Sigh for management worldwide. Japan’s best-known black metal band has, over the years, also progressed into one of the genre’s most experimental and wonderfully unusual bands. Yet, despite their explorations into experimental sounds both live and on record, Sigh has always maintained the otherworldly and chaotic atmosphere that true black metal delivers. Their ability to blend diverse influences while staying true to the essence of the genre is what sets them apart. Their 1993 debut Scorn Defeat incorporated keyboards into lo-fi black metal and would end up being the most straightforward release of the band’s catalog, as their music grew more theatrical and complex with subsequent albums like 1997’s “Hail Horror Hail”. By the time they released the acclaimed breakthrough Imaginary Sonicscape in 2001, their sound had become surreally eclectic, featuring dub breakdowns, piano sonatas, jazz fusion keyboards, ELO-esque arrangements, and much more. The band further embraced symphonic elements, choral vocals, and even saxophones on progressive metal albums like 2012’s In Somniphobia. 2018’s Heir to Despair. In 2022 Sigh released the critically acclaimed album “Shiki” which incorporates a variety of Central Asian and Middle Eastern influences, as well as several traditional Japanese instruments.