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Before the legendary Arcturus was even a whisper, Mortem held the reins of the burgeoning Norwegian underground metal scene. Founded in 1989 by the visionary duo, Marius Vold and Steinar Sverd Johnsen, Mortem was among the pioneering black metal bands to emerge from Norway’s dark woods. Their seminal demo, ‘Slow Death’, stands as a testament to the brutal authenticity of early Norwegian extreme metal, and remains highly inspirational to this day. The demo was blessed with the touch of Mayhem’s infamous Euronymous & Dead, who lent their talents as producer and cover artist respectively. The result was a coveted piece of black metal history that resonates with raw energy and unadulterated power. Following the release of ‘Slow Death’, Mortem disbanded, with its members branching out to form and participate in iconic bands such as Arcturus and Thorns. These bands would not only become mainstays in the black metal scene but also shape its evolution far beyond the conventional. “Slow Death”, was given a proper release via the legendary Peaceville label on February 18, 2022, including tracks like ‘Mutilated Corpse’, ‘Milena’, ‘Slow Death’, ‘Agonized To Suicide’, ‘Nightmare’, ‘Satanas’, and ‘Likferd. In addition to ‘Slow Death’, Mortem also released the long-awaited studio album ‘Ravensvart’ on Peaceville Records. This album marked the band’s return to the music scene after a hiatus of 30 years!

‘Ravensvart’ was extremely well-received by critics and fans alike, acknowledging the challenges of such an endeavour and commending the band for their ability to retain their original true black metal essence.