Hecate Enthroned

Mythology Agency is proud to represent Hecate Enthroned for international live bookings. Hecate Enthroned, one of the UK’s longest-running black metal bands, is known as a pioneer of the legendary 2nd wave of Black Metal. The band’s genesis can be traced back to 1993/1994 when they first emerged on the scene as a blackened death metal act under the moniker Amethyst. Over the years, Hecate Enthroned has firmly established themselves as one of the pillars of the UK’s black metal scene. Their music, characterized by darkly poetic lyrics and atmospheric musical arrangements, is both powerful and evocative, resonating with fans across generations. With a firm commitment to their roots, they continue to make a powerful impact on the thriving black metal scene in the UK and beyond. In 2024, the band will embark on their 30th anniversary tour, a testament to their enduring presence. It’s hard to believe that it has been 27 years since their first release, the now legendary An Ode for a Haunted Wood, and with eight releases under their belt, Hecate Enthroned continues to thrive and show no signs of slowing down.