From Promeathia to a Godless Aeon and beyond, Hecate Enthroned joins Mythology Agency for live Bookings!

We are over the moon to announce that Hecate Enthroned, a titan of UK extreme/black metal and one of the founding fathers of the second wave of black metal, has entered into partnership with Mythology Agency. We can still remember putting on that blackened CD sampler like it was yesterday and still feel the rush of those thunderous riffs, icy melodies and savage screams! That sampler, of course, was more than just a CD; it was an invitation to a new world. It’s been decades since then, but the memory is as vivid as ever. And now, as Hecate Enthroned gears up to celebrate 30 Years of Uncompromising Chaos, it feels like we’re coming full circle. Here’s to the past, the present, and the future of UK black metal. Stay tuned and keep your eyes peeled for updates on Hecate Enthroned’s upcoming gigs.