Mythology Agency is proud to represent UK black metal band, Fen, as their exclusive booking agent for international live bookings. Hailing from the enigmatic and flat marshland landscape of East Anglia, England, known as “The Fens,” (where, incidentally, Mythology Agency also has its headquarters) this English trio has masterfully imprinted the essence of their homeland into their music. Formed in 2006 as a studio project by Grungyn, Theutus and The Watcher, and inspired by the windswept, desolate region, the band set out to fuse the cold rage of Black Metal with more reflective influences, creating a deeply intense and atmospheric sound which speaks of loss and melancholic yearning. Their latest album, “Monuments to Absence,” released under Prophecy Productions in 2023, has been lauded for its atmospheric intensity and profound lyrical depth.

“the sheer force of FEN’s musical personality elevates it all to a higher level of rain-drenched and emotionally bereft grandiloquence”

Don Lawson, Blabbermouth.net