Roskilde Festival by arrangement with Mythology Agency announces rare show from doom metal titans Electric Wizard

By arrangement with Mythology Agency, we are excited to announce Electric Wizard will perform at Roskilde Festival 2023.

Rare show from the British doom metal occultists 

English band Electric Wizard makes no secret of the fact that they are greatly indebted to Black Sabbath. Album titles like “Black Masses” and “Wizard Bloody Wizard” send direct greetings to the heroes, and the music also speaks its own clear language.  

However, Electric Wizard are not just imitators. Like few other contemporary bands they have managed to carry the torch further and cultivate an exquisite mixture of doomy heavy metal, occultism and psychedelic moods with great musical authority, but also with a love for sleazy B-movies. That mix has earned them many fans and has made Electric Wizard an indispensable reference point for contemporary practitioners of doom metal.  

As AllMusic wrote about the milestone “Dopethrone” from 2000: “In short, with Dopethrone, Electric Wizard has raised the bar for doom metal achievement in the new millennium – good luck to the competition.” And in truth, it can be difficult to measure up to Electric Wizard, who can celebrate their 30th anniversary this year and who still play heavier than most.  

Like their own idols in Black Sabbath, however, they also manage to create brooding atmospheres and write compelling songs that hammer their way into the flesh and corrupt the soul. An occult doom party awaits when the cult band visits Roskilde with a rare Danish concert.