Electric Wizard

Mythology Agency proudly represents Electric Wizard for international live bookings and worldwide management.

They’re the heaviest band on Earth. They’re from Dorset, of all places, and the rumble they come out with could shake the fucking planet apart.

The enduring power of “The Wizard” comes not from an indomitable spirit and heroic determination to push through and succeed a la Ronnie James Dio or Judas Priest’s Rob Halford, but from being Electric Wizard. Even now, there is in a way a similar underground, word-of-mouth quality to them as there was in the day. You have to know. And when you do, it’s almost impossible to turn away. And Electric Wizard does indeed encompass, as my mind conjured up as a teenager, an entire world. The impact they’ve had on doom and the metal underground can’t really be expressed as an either or a thing. It’s like saying you’re a fan of sunlight, or breathing oxygen, or Black Sabbath.

How many bands are there trying to match the horrible, bloody-knuckled fuzz of Come, My Fanatics . . . or Dopethrone? And how many, for all their searching for ancient amps and pedals, manage to? How many obscure and forgotten 60s and 70s horror and exploitation movies are the underground now conversant with? How much biker iconography and occult art has become part of the fabric of doom?

Nick Ruskell – Kerrang!

Managing Agent: Mark Lewis