Craven Idol

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Craven Idol, a formidable force in the UK metal scene, was founded in London in 2005. The band is known for delivering an aggressive blend of Black/Thrash Metal, with lyrical themes that explore debauchery, anti-Christianity, history, and occultism. Currently signed to Dark Descent Records, Craven Idol has carved out a niche with their relentless intensity and unapologetic homage to the traditional elements of extreme metal.

Their discography includes notable releases such as “Forked Tongues,” which unleashed its sonic fury on July 23, 2021. The album is marked by tracks like “Venomous Rites” and “The Wrath of Typhon,” showcasing Craven Idol’s ability to fuse blistering riffs with a thunderous rhythm section.

Previous to that, the band made waves with “The Shackles of Mammon,” an album that received critical acclaim within the underground metal community. Critics and fans alike praised its raw energy and the band’s skillful incorporation of influences ranging from German thrash legends Poison to the epic soundscapes of Bathory and Manilla Road.

Live performances are a cornerstone of Craven Idol’s reputation, known for their electrifying stage presence and uncompromising delivery. As they continue to cement their status in the metal underworld, the band remains a testament to the enduring appeal of extreme metal’s foundational sounds.

Agent: Jake Gill