Cult of Youth

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Born from the creative endeavours of former Love as Laughter bassist Sean Ragon, Cult of Youth is a neo-folk band that calls Brooklyn home. With a sound that embodies the darkness and pastoral beauty of their surroundings, the band echoes a more somber version of the Pogues. They seamlessly blend uplifting acoustic guitars with traditional rhythmic beats, while Ragon’s resonant baritone adds a foreboding undertone to their lively music.

Cult of Youth initially began as a solo recording project in Sean Ragon’s bedroom back in 2008, debuting with “A Stick to Bind, a Seed to Grow,” a limited release on Dais Records. However, as time went on, Ragon felt the need for a more stable backing band. This led to the incorporation of drummer Glenn Maryansky, violinist Christiana Key, and bassist Micki Pellerano. With a robust lineup, Ragon could further explore and expand the band’s sound, culminating in their eponymous sophomore album in 2011, released by Sacred Bones. The evolution of their music didn’t stop there. In 2012’s “Love Will Prevail,” the band masterfully married their signature neo-folk acoustic strums, reminiscent of Death in June or Current 93, with an orchestration style akin to chamber pop.The journey continued, and nearly two years later, their fourth album “Final Days” emerged. It marked a significant shift for the band, transitioning from Ragon and various collaborators to a solid lineup featuring guitarist Christian Kount, drummer Cory Flannigan, and bassist Jasper McGandy. This evolution allowed Cult of Youth to delve deeper into their unique sound, further establishing their place in the neo-folk music scene.

In 2015, after years of tireless touring, Cult of Youth decided to take a step back from their usual rhythm. The band packed up a studio’s worth of equipment and made their way to the mountains of Vermont. They had no plan, no pre-written songs, and an ample supply of psychedelics that could potentially mind-bend an entire state. By the second day, they had transformed a deserted barn into a fully functional studio powered by a gasoline generator rented from a local hardware store. This makeshift studio was a treasure trove of musical instruments – a wall of gongs, a 9-foot marimba, an arsenal of analog synthesizers, a 24-channel mixing console, a full-blown PA system, and some truly peculiar instruments like a human thigh bone and a champagne cork!

For the next few weeks, Cult of Youth lived completely off-grid, dividing their time between farm chores, outdoor activities, shooting guns, and recording sessions with a secret assembly of collaborators. Every eccentric idea that crossed their minds was explored – there were no boundaries.However, reality eventually beckoned, and everyone reluctantly returned to their regular lives. Over the following five years, the raw skeletons of the songs they had created in Vermont were dissected, rearranged, sampled, reversed, and deciphered in various studios across Queens, Berlin, and Brooklyn. In late 2020, Sean Ragon collaborated with Jeff Berner, whom he had met while touring with Psychic TV, to transform the collection of raw material into a cohesive masterpiece. The result of their labour was the creation of “With Open Arms,” a mesmerizing “pagan post-punk” double album. This remarkable work was released on NYC independent record label, Hospital Productions, in 2022.