Cult of Youth

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Cult of Youth began as a bedroom project in New York circa 2006 when founder Sean Ragon took a broken acoustic guitar, a $20 Mackie mixer, and a Roland rack synth and tried to recreate the atmosphere of the post-industrial and neofolk records he had been obsessed with since childhood. The project eventually evolved into a full-fledged band, and for the better part of a decade released a string of genre-bending albums that made perfect sense to some people and absolutely no sense to others.

In 2015, after years of relentless touring, the band packed up a studio’s worth of equipment and drove up to the mountains in Vermont with no plan, no songs, and enough psychedelics to brainwash an entire state. By day two they had cleared out a derelict barn and built an entire studio running off a gas powered generator rented from the local hardware store. The studio included a wall of gongs, a 9’ marimba, a weapons grade arsenal of analog synthesizers, a 24 channel mixing console, and a full blown PA system (not to mention some truly unusual instruments ranging from a human thigh bone and a champagne cork!)

Over the following weeks they lived completely off the grid, spending most of their time doing farm chores, shooting guns, hiking, and recording with a clandestine cast of collaborators. Every harebrained idea that passed through their minds was exercised – nothing was off the table.

At some point reality set in, so everyone begrudgingly returned home to the reality of their regular lives. Over the next 5 years, these skeletons of songs would be cut up, arranged, sampled, reversed, and otherwise deciphered in various studios throughout Queens, Berlin, and Brooklyn.

This resulted in the 2xLP released on Hospital Productions in 2023.

Cult of Youth is currently based in Berlin and plays Pagan Post Punk