Anaal Nathrakh

Proudly represented by Mythology Agency for bookings worldwide, Anaal Nathrakh stands as a testament to the power of extreme music and its ability to evoke emotion and provoke thought.

Formed in 1999 in Birmingham, England, by multi-instrumentalist Mick Kenney (Kordhell) and vocalist Dave Hunt (ex-Benediction), throughout their career Anaal Nathrakh has released numerous highly respected albums, combining elements of industrial, electronic, black metal, grindcore, traditional and death metal, crafting a sonic assault that defies conventional genre boundaries. Lyrically, Anaal Nathrakh explores themes such as armageddon, misanthropy, nihilism, philosophy, and the darker aspects of the human condition. Thought-provoking and often controversial lyrics challenge societal norms, delving into the depths of evil, hatred, and violence.

This is music that goes beyond the surface, offering a profound exploration of the human psyche. On the live stage, Nathrakh’s live performances are renowned for their intensity and chaotic energy with vocalist Dave Hunt’s commanding presence at the helm, creating a true cataclysmic storm of intensity and chaos.